Please enjoy our full-length homie video featuring this year's Keep On Tuckin', 2015 tour—it's crusty, lo-fidelity, shaky, blown-out, low-budget, too- long, yet it's a super fun-filled skateboarding video featuring our entire roadtrip from Long Beach, California all the way up to Summerland, B.C. Canada for this summer's Maryhill Festival Of Speed & Gian't Head Freeride events.
Supporters: Muir Skate, Arbor Skateboards, RDVX Grip, and Push Culture Apparel
The Crew: Kai Monroe, Devyn Roseman, Joey Nickell, John Kreutter, Morgan Owens, David Ruano, and Marcus Bandy. 
The Homies: Byron Essert, Yvonne Byers, Stephan Reinhardt, Eric Jensen, Dave Billesbach, Adrian Piña, Kenny Nap, Maka, Malachi Greene, Pete Eubank, Michal Cihlar, Ryan Bishop, Martin DePass, Jordan Huotari, Harrison DePass, Zak Maytum, Kevin Reimer, Dave Angeles, Jeff Burdro, Max Capps, Striker, Alex Charleson, Patrick Switzer, Calvin Staab, Billy Bones, Dillon Stephens, Scott Smith, Rachel Bagels, Sam Nycl Ettorre, Tamara Prader, Palaxa Golden, and many many more.
Filming: David Ruano, Devyn Roseman, Stephan Reinhardt, Morgan Owens, Kai Monroe, and probably a few more.
Editing: David Ruano.
Music by (We do not own the rights to any of this music but we rightly like all of it): Massenger "Luz Bruja" & "Cop Song", The Coup "Dig it " & "The Magic Clap ", Oddisee "What They'll Say", Wax Tailor "Magic Numbers" & "No Regret", J Mascis "Every Morning", Juan Cirerol "Algo Que Tenemos En Común", Public Enemy "She Watch Channel Zero", Diamond District "Bonus Flow (Paul White Remix)", Jason Shaw "Running waters" , Rick Astley "Never gonna give You Up"Vitamin Pet "Ya ya ya" & "Forest Mountain" & "Dig A Hole", Turkish Phicedelic Rock of The '60s "Track 15", and Sinkane "Jeeper Creeper".
Poetics by: Jack Kerouac "Mexico City Blues"
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