RUANO Films is a Los Angeles based production company whose goal is to help storytellers bring their vision to life.
Mr David Ruano, owner and operator of RUANO Films, is an international photographer, filmmaker and artist who has been captivated by composition and color to create stories and emotions. Having worked with various mediums and industries throughout his career, David has had his work featured in skateboard magazines, such as Wheelbase Mag and Concrete Wave Mag, and has produced skate videos for major companies and skaters. Leaping from the action world of skating into narrative filmmaking, yet keeping the run-n-gun skills in mind, David has worked as a camera-operator, gaffer, audio recordist, motion graphic designer, editor, producer and director. Though he has worn many hats, being a cinematographer has always been at the forefront of his passion. Having worked with companies like, Triller and Dot.LA, as well as  filmed over 10 short-films and 1 feature film in just the past few years, the latest projects Vengeance Turns (feature film) and Meet Carly W (short film) are currently making their rounds through the film festival for 2022 and 2023.

“As an artist there is no wasted time”, David is currently curating an Art Gallery and traveling to art shows around LA and SF showing his art and poetry in a series entitled “No Typos” where he writes and frames poetry written using vintage typewriters he has collected.

Known as a renaissance man, David truly enjoys creating and producing art in all mediums possible. By the way, he is also bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish, and loves to cook for the crew whenever possible.
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