100 Clubs across the nation provide assistance to public safety agencies, officers, firefighters, EMT/Paramedics, and their families. 
The Borderland 100 Club supports all city, county, state, federal and tribal public safety agencies, fire services, probation, corrections, parole and law enforcement departments who provide for the safety of the citizens of El Paso County.  Benefits and support are also extended to officers and firefighters who are called to active duty military while still employed by a qualified public safety agency. 
In addition to providing financial assistance to families of first responders, The Borderland 100 Club also provides fundraising assistance for first responder families in need, life save equipment to local departments, and the much needed community outreach that our local heroes deserve.  
There is an average of one first-responder death every 58hours. We are here when the ultimate sacrifice is being made.
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